A Brief Insight about Business Leadership

Playing baseball and managing a team, being in the headship position offers the great opportunity to develop a series of skills like team building, communication ability, understanding strength and weak points to a business leader. As per opinion of Emile Haddad Seattle, a great baseball enthusiast that whereas the role of a leader is simply immense in managing the team performers, that equally applies in a business framework. Emile Haddad is a notable personality and specialist in business leadership training, business coaching, and consultancy. Right from his childhood days, he is fond of playing baseball and has been associated with a number of famous baseball clubs located in Seattle.

As a baseball fanatic, he says that the great game teaches participants not only to chase and throw challenges at every step to its rivals, they also learn how to treat players of their opponent group with professional respect. For a leader to spot the strengths and weakness points of an own and rival team is most significant that helps to find out winning strategies. In the same way, in the world of business, understanding the positive and negative points of an enterprise is vital for its growth. He says that playing baseball as well; his love for the game has educated him wonderfully about the fundamentals of leadership.

Business leaders are expected to assess different situations and accordingly should undertake the necessary plans to overcome the hurdles or welcoming the positive results. Under crisis, they should take firm decisions and in the diplomatic ways to come out of the situation while the team spirit remains intact. He strongly believes that baseball is a complete game plan that demands a high level of insight, judgment skill and experience to lead a team successfully.

Corporate managers, team leaders or departmental heads remain responsible for leading people within their team and on the other hand to keep on effective communication and synchronization with its related sections to complete a task. And for this, they should employ their vision power, develop objective based strategies, train the weak performers, motive team players and modify operational formula as per need.

In a similar way, playing baseball coaches business leaders the great techniques and skills of team-building. According to Emile Haddad Seattle that his great enthusiasm to play baseball and his knowledge in this sport has helped him a lot to employ those strategic game plans to help his clients ask for business development and leadership consultancy. Whereas perfect coordination among leaders and their subordinates is crucial to foster a business operation successfully, a game like a baseball has a lot of things to follow and learn.

Playing baseball teaches a person in leading role how to work effectively in the competitive environment. As a specialist in leadership training and business consultancy services, Emile Haddad has earned a great recognition in the industry. He offers across the board consultancy services related to effective leadership based on new age management techniques. In the holidays, weekends and during his free time, he is often found playing his most favorite game with friends and his club associates.