A palatial home fit for a king

Have you considered the possibility of temporarily shifting to Alibaug and commuting to Mumbai occasionally for work?

In recent years, several Mumbaikars on the lookout for a good land deal have zeroed in on Alibaug. The little fishing village is easily accessible via a ferry ride. Interestingly, instead of using their homes in Alibaug as mere weekend retreats, several buyers are shifting to Alibaug and coming to Mumbai only when they need to!

An abode in Alibaug?

For all intents and purposes, it is better to invest in a villa in Alibaug for a number of reasons. Barring the monsoon season, Alibaug is well connected to Mumbai via the Arabian Sea. You can rest assured that there is always a ferry to Mumbai whenever you need to be back.

A lot of well-heeled Mumbai celebrities adopted the Alibaug lifestyle years ago. While some have migrated to Goa, those preferring to stay connected to Mumbai have made a beeline for Alibaug and Matheran. However, Alibaug offers better housing and communication options than Matheran. For one thing, it allows internal road transport, which Matheran does not. Besides, with an increasing local population, there are better Internet and telephone services in Alibaug.

So artists, digital professionals, writers and others who do not need to run their lives from Mumbai on a daily basis can easily transfer their work – and indeed, their life – to Alibaug. Imagine the sheer bliss of living close to the sea, finishing your day’s work and sitting in your patio with a cup of coffee. When the weather’s fine, you can go for a jog on the beach or sit and read/have a drink/paint a picture on the shore. It’s an idyllic life that is designed to divert the most careworn city dweller. After the rush and chaos of Mumbai, a villa in Alibaug will prove to be the best balm for your tired soul.

What to look for in an Alibaug home

  • First off, don’t entrust the house search to a broker. You may need to make a few trips yourself to find the best property that suits you.
  • Start by looking up reputed real estate developers building villas in Alibaug. These are well-appointed villas set in a gated complex, with their own personal access paths and round-the-clock security. The house is well cared for even in your absence. Look for large rooms finished perfectly and fitted with good amenities.
  • The closer the villa is to the sea, the better it is for you. However, sea-facing villas may fetch a higher price than those located inland. So do factor this in.
  • You may wish to have a personal car or bike to move around the area. The villa you choose should be located near a proper road. Also look for provision stores and small eateries close by.

A mobile tower close to the property is a bonus, especially if you wish to work from your villa in Alibaug.