Andrew Corban Explains Ways to Protect Your Social Security Income

More than ninety percent citizens of the United States in the age group of 65 and above receive the Social Security income benefits. The major section of benefits in Social security is retirement income. All through an individual’s working life, the Social Security Administration maintains track of income. The amount of the benefit is provided on a monthly basis to the worker and the amount depends on the earnings record and upon the age at which the retired person selects to start getting benefits.

But most of the Americans claim that Social Security benefits are not enough in retirement. In such scenarios, you can take help of ASC Financial Inc.; founded by Andrew Corbman. This firm can help you in certain ways such as:

  • In order to find out possible retirement income deficits where a fixed annuity may be a probable solution; the firm reviews your retirement statements as well as Social Security.
  • The firm clarifies the significance of verifying your Social Security statement earnings record on a routine basis for correctness.
  • The firm assists in exploring policies that may improve the advantages available to married couples.
  • In order to find out possible eligibility for other types of advantages such as a caregiver or dependent, ex-spousal benefits, the firm reviews your unique situation.
  • The firm examines possible effects of taxation on Social Security benefits.

Under the guidance of Andrew, the representatives at ASC Financial can offer information and can also identify possible retirement income gaps and may present insurance products, for example, a fixed annuity, as a possible way out.

If you are depending on Social Security as a share of your retirement income it is vital you make sure your income is at the level it is expected to be. It is a financial calculation and if an error is made it could affect your income. Thus, it is always advisable to take help of the professional firms such as ASC Financial. Mentioned below are some of the tips that can help you in preventing issues with your Social Security Income:

  • Check the statement that is sent to the Social Security Administration every year and compare it with income tax returns as even a small mistake can have a serious issue.
  • Recheck the calculation by going to their website; make sure that there are no mathematical issues.
  • Make sure that the birth date, marital status, social security number, and address are mentioned correctly.

All these points if kept in mind will assist you to protect your income from Social Security mistakes.

With more than twenty years of experience, Andrew Corbman has been helping retired persons to find ways that work to increase their investments. He has succeeded at building a solid repute in his career as an investment broker and financial advisor. Andrew reviews the retirement statements and Social Security of the retirees in order to help them out.

Andre S. Corbman is ready to step in that extra mile only to guarantee security for more Americans through his company ASC Financial.