Be Creative at the Next Trade Show

Trade shows are an excellent way to increase business exposure, introduce new products, and promote established brands. A direct connection can be made between the business and customers to forge lasting relationships. Capturing attention and standing out from the competition is getting more difficult as competition increases and booth space gets smaller.

Do Something Different

Shows can be predictable and even boring. Businesses setup booths and plan presentations, and visitors roam from booth to booth to discover what happens to strike their fancy. The noise, the crowded floor, and the heat of so many people in the venue can get overpowering. Provide a unique experience to shake things up and surprise visitors.

Use noise blocking headphones for interactive Trade show displays or individual video viewings. Visitors can give the information their undivided attention, they will not miss any highlights due to massive crowds, and they will appreciate a few moments of zero background noise. Representatives may find that some visitors visit the booth more than once during the day.

Have a gentle blower attached to the top of the tent. People passing by will feel the refreshing burst of cool air and want to stay put for a few minutes. That is long enough to demonstrate a new product or make sure they take a shopping bag with the business logo on it. They will definitely remember the business fondly after the day is over.

Use Bold Colors

Many businesses shy away from bold colors in favor of a more conservative and professional look. Have fun and break up the monotony. There is only so much navy blue, light green, and pale orange a visitor can stand in one venue. Add some bright pink or neon yellow to the mix! The tent will certainly get noticed.

Surprise Them

Offer a break from business. Create an atmosphere that is relaxing. Ask visitors how they are enjoying the show and what has interested than so far. Forget the sales pitch and just talk to people. After a few minutes, briefly mention the business and what is available.

Make sure they have a brochure when they move on to the next booth. The welcomed approach will catch people off guard and stimulate their curiosity. They are more likely to pay full attention to that brochure when they get home instead of glancing through it along with the others.