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Factors to Consider when Choosing an Engagement Ring With the proposal to the person to whom you will be united in marriage, it is a common tradition to give an engagement ring. An engagement ring symbolizes a man’s pledge to the woman that he is going to marry. This ring is usually worn on the third finger on the left hand of the girl up until the wedding, then worn subsequently after marriage on the forth finger and above the wedding ring. Men usually has trouble finding the right engagement ring to give to his lady. There are so many things you need to think before you buy them and there are a number of options for style and a whole lot more. The main consideration for the final choice depends on how much budget you have set and all the other considerations will follow from this. When it comes to purchasing an engagement ring, we should look at how your budget should be apportioned. The engagement ring is composed of three components with varying treatments and values. The cut, the carat and the precious metal used to mount the gem are its three components. The cut of the stone is not how the stone is shaped – oval, pear, princess, etc., which most people have been confused about. But it is actually the measure of its symmetry, proportion and polish. Carats and karats has variant usages, when used to measure diamond or a precious gem. Carats are measurements of weights, similar to ounces and grams – the bigger the carat the heavier and 1 carat diamond is equivalent to 0.007 ounces. When used to measure metal or gold however, karat is used to measure the purity of that metal. A karat is a measurement of 1/24 of the mass of the stone, so pure gold is said to be 24 karats. If you have 18/24 of gold, then you have an 18 karat gold, but the 6/24 of it is made of other metals that has been mixed with gold. Remember that you do not need to stick to a diamond as there are so many gemstones that can be used in the perfect engagement ring. Diamond and gemstones are clearer and have more sparkle if they are smaller in size compared to the larger and less clear ones.
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You should also check out the different styles or designs of engagement rings. You can choose from many styles or collections like solitaire or a single precious stone, vintage of those single precious stones with heirloom-inspired metal engravings. Another style of sing is a ring with a single precious stone and other accent stones around the band. The split shank is another type of engagement ring where the shank is pulled apart like bands arranged in different ways to give it a more sophisticated look.
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You can also get antique rings which are more than a hundred years old. You can also get a 20 year old vintage engagement ring taken from any period.