Dividing Content Types, How Industrial Bloggers Can Market Their Work for Larger Orders

A blog should really have a range of content to succeed. If it has only one type of piece, it can work. But, this is partly a gimmick to help promote the blog and not so much a well-rounded blog to draw in a large reader base. For example, a poem blog could share a poem a day, with little variation, but it will lack variety.

In the industrial space, something like a poem a day is hardly suitable. The blog will thrive on variety. There are three main ways to do a piece in an industrial blog. There are other ways to divide this, of course, but these act as the main archetypes for an industrial blog. For more on this topic and others in marketing, contact local and esteemed sales and marketing resource center.

Industry Content

What is going on in the manufacturing industry? Is big data a good thing or a bad thing? Is the Internet of Things de-evolving the forward progression of industrial? Readers will be fascinated by strict industry pieces about what is going on in the larger space. Removed from the industry just a bit, the blog can act as entertainment in this type of article.

Advice and Education

Many of the best blogs succeed because they inform and educate. This acts as a major type of content and industrial bloggers should have enough of it to satisfy their need for success and education. A steady blend of this type and industry pieces will make for a comfortable pace and balance for followers.


Some articles can be blatantly promotional. What does this company do better than others? Is there a sales promotion or a change in the plant that customers could benefit from? Promotional pieces have their place, and they make the third major type of content.

There are other ways to look at type. For example, videos and photographs can readily be shared on a blog. But, most content falls into one of the three categories. Bloggers and marketers alike would do well to mix it up and find a balance that readers will be enthralled by.