How to Improve Your Conversion Rate

One of the main concerns that e-commerce site owners have is increasing their conversion rates. Every online entrepreneur wants a greater number of visitors to turn into paying customers. The good news is that there are many strategies that can be employed to boost conversions for an online shopping site. Today’s shopping cart solutions that power e-commerce sites support many features that can be used to increase conversions and encourage shoppers to complete their purchase.

Including customer testimonials in the footer of your homepage and reviews and ratings on product pages can do wonders to increase the number of visitors making a purchase on your site. Online shoppers now frequently look for comments from other users about a product before making their decision. If these aren’t found on your site, they might look for them elsewhere and end up buying from a competitor instead. Therefore, you should enable reviews and ratings in your online shopping cart. Don’t forget to maintain an active social media presence too, as some shoppers will be more likely to purchase from you if they see that you have a good rating on Facebook or Google+.

Another method of boosting conversions is simply using product videos. Including a short video on each product page has been shown to increase purchases by 144% according to the latest research. Most shopping carts now support adding videos alongside photos of your products. In addition to videos that simply show the product, you can also include expert video reviews or instructions and advice on using the product. This works particularly well for those selling more complex or expensive items.