Investment Program and Other Investment Opportunities in Edmonton

Edmonton City takes financial asset investment seriously with governing procedures and policies for maximized investment returns at prudent overall risk level. These regulations enable the city to properly manage its financial assets and establish upon them contributing to its long-term financial sustainability.

The Investment Program

The Investment Program of the city is part of The Way We Finance, addressing the financial sustainability and long-term financial plan development of the city. It aims to use the fund in holding the sale generated financial assets and build upon them to ensure its long-term financial stability. It continues to help sustain its high-quality life through responsible and affordable financial strategies for future generations.

Factors Involved in the Evolution of the Investment Program

Establishment of Cost-Effective Investment Structure

Investment structure achieves scale economies by pooling different assets together though each investment fund has risk profile and objectives of its own. Typically, Edmonton falls within high low-cost and value-added category in an annual institutional investment manager survey across the globe. Internally managed component also covers a portion of equity assets and fixed income within the diversified portfolio alongside Short Term Bond Fund, Sinking Fund and Money Market Fund.

Introduction of Innovative and New Investment Strategies

Various investment strategies are offering extra risk control and lessening of possible investment losses. This approach also makes certain that the objectives of the fund are also met.

Governance of the Program

Governance is very significant to assure taxpayers that the existing procedures, controls, and policies maximize returns at prudent risk level. The City Manager establishes an Investment Committee to oversee the city’s investments. Committee members are selected to bring business expertise and investment to the Committee. The Committee makes sure that the funds are appropriately invested and well positioned to meet their objectives through the monitoring of the Investment Program and the implementation of the necessary changes.

The structure of the program’s governance includes the city council, city manager, chief financial officer and treasurer, investment committee, and investment management staff. The responsibilities of these officials and staff cover the policies, compliance, strategic decisions and operations of the program. The continuous advancement of the program results in increasing and sustainable earnings and dividends for Edmonton.

Why Invest in Edmonton?

Who would not be attracted to invest in a city with a strong, diverse and resilient economy? The city also prides itself to be a provider of massive private and public investments. Here are some reasons why investment in the city is worthwhile.

  • The city has maintained its growth notwithstanding the economic shifts across the globe.
  • Its downtown area is projected to experience more than $5 billion in both private and public investment in 10 years.
  • City population is projected to double by the year 2050.
  • It has the fastest growing demographic of 20-39-year-olds.
  • Entertainment and sports arena Rogers Place project completion are expected to appeal to event-goers to the downtown.

Indeed, as online hubs offering information on business opportunities like buying or selling an enterprise at business for sale Edmonton have it that investing in the city will lead you to the competitive world of business.