Keeping An Artificial Lake Clear And Clean

An artificial lake on one’s property may be an attractive feature and ideal for recreational purposes such a private sport fishing, but it requires maintenance efforts to keep it from growing choked with waste and algae. This is due to the fact that artificial lakes are not subject to the natural processes usually preventing waste buildup and renewing the oxygen levels that allow bottom-dwelling creatures to live and thrive. These little animals do the work of keeping the bottom levels clean by feeding on biological waste products such as fungi, fish waste, and dead plant matter. But without oxygen, these bottom-feeders quickly die off. That’s when decay processes take root and burst forth.

This is why lake aerators are a necessary component for proper maintenance. By ensuring proper oxygen circulation throughout the water, many of the maintenance problems for an artificial lake are solved in one stroke. Maintaining lake oxygen levels and clearing away gas buildups at the bottom levels opens up what otherwise is a closed ecological environment. Once this is guaranteed, the lake and the bottom-feeders can pretty much take care of themselves.

Diffusion aerators do the best work in both injecting new oxygen into the lake water and carrying off toxic gasses captured within the air bubbles. As these bubbles burst on the surface, even more oxygen is drawn into the lake. As a result, the water environment remains healthy and stable, preventing both waste and gas buildup as well as the buildup of algal growths that could choke off the lake, rendering the water stagnant and dead.

Lake aeration systems can be powered off the electrical grid, of course. However, an increasing number of these aerators are coming equipped with windmill generators or solar PV panels for power. These require no external electrical hookup, are self-contained, and do not draw upon grid power. Ideal for remote properties out in the country and/or locations on the property without electrical connections, these are money-savers for the property owner since no additional operating costs are involved. The new solar aerator systems are even more convenient, since these have battery power backup giving the aerator a three-day operational capacity in the event of no available sunlight. There are also a variety of aeration systems suited for each type of water feature on a property customers can choose from to fit ideally with their own needs.