Limo Etiquette

Renting a limo for the night can be a very exciting and memorable experience. No matter how much fun you are planning on having, though, there are still some simple rules of etiquette that should be followed. Here are a few from insiders of the industry:

1. Know the guest count that will be riding in the limo. When the reservation is made, the limo company goes to great lengths to ensure the limo will be spacious enough. When more people show up than were originally anticipated, this is considered very rude and can actually ruin the evening by making the limo too crowded to comfortably ride in.

2. Entry into the limo should be done the proper way. This may seem like an odd thing but many people do not know the correct way to enter into a limo. Start by sitting in the first open seat and then swing your legs into the vehicle. Proceed to scooting over on your rear end to the furthest open seat so that others may follow behind you.

3. Don’t be the type of person who gets drunk and then wants to challenge everybody to a fight or like to cause a disturbance. While the Chicago limousine service is fully aware that everyone wants to drink much and be loud, there is a huge difference between being celebratory and being rowdy. Don’t be the person who is asked to leave the limo or risk getting arrested.

4. Dont’t leave all of your garbage and refuse behind when you leave. Try your best to leave the limo in the same condition as when you got into it. Leaving empty cans or bottles, wrappers, and other junk is not only discourteous but it may just get you fined depending on the reservation contract that was signed.