Meet the Corporate Finance Management Specialist who is also a Philanthropist

The corporate finance arena manages the selections of finance taken by companies alongside with the examination and the tools vital for making such choices. The main objective of corporate finance is improving the company worth and decreasing the financial threats of the company. Additionally, corporate finance also helps in receiving the complete returns on the financed capital of the firm. The main ideas of corporate finance are functional to the complications of finance that all types of firms come across.

Jay Blackmore is a well-known corporate finance management specialist whose main duties is to ensure that the investors are pleased with the financial facets of the company, and this typically means maximizing the value of the firm. He has worked with a diverse clientele in the United States and Canada.

He says that the subject of corporate finance can be divided into the long and the short term methods of decisions. The long term decisions are the savings of capital that are associated to the ventures and the approaches necessary to finance. Alternatively, the short term current accountabilities are the capital management for working that manages asset balance and accountabilities. The key focus here depends on the administration of cash, inventories and, the borrowing and lending on a temporary basis.

As a corporate finance management specialist, Jay is responsible for the following job responsibilities such as:

  • Assessing the financial situation of the client to determine if they require financial services such as insurance, investment services, or certificates of deposit
  • Assisting or performing with procedural audits and financial compliance
  • Understanding investment objectives and suggesting asset selection strategies
  • Preparing financial statements in agreement with regulatory guidelines and industry practices
  • Ensuring that the internal controls and policies of the company are practical and satisfactory, and that they comply with regulatory guidelines
  • Suggesting both long-term and short-term investment selections for clients
  • Responsible for performing specialized accounting, financial or planning activities, coordination, investigations,  and analysis

Apart from being a corporate finance specialist Jay Blackmore is also a philanthropist; and has invested a large sum of money in making the community a better place via the Regina Canada Progress Club, which backs the Special Olympics. Jay is also the founder of the Park Capital Management 2012 Inc. and the Saskatchewan chapter of Bicycles for Humanity. The Regina Canada Progress Club gets several aids from numerous organizations, one of which is the Plywood Cup. The Plywood Cup, for the time being, gets support from many companies, one of which is Park Capital Management, of which Jay is at present serving as the Chief Operating Officer. Thus, Jay spends his time and capitals on philanthropic causes. He is a member of a number of charitable organizations that main purpose is to make the world a better place. He supports a standard of personal self-respect, helps and contributes those who are poverty-stricken, and lives up to a Code of Honor, which needs business activities to be consistent with familiar ethics.