Why the Gym is the Worst Place to meet your Next Lover

If you have just gotten over a breakup or after long years of being single you are now officially ready to meet your next lover, where will you start looking? Yes, people may tell you that love just comes even if you are not looking, but sometimes, we’ve got to be at the right place and at the right time if we want love to find us quickly.

With this, you can meet your next lover in many different places but it’s definitely not a gym. In fact, a gym is probably the worst place for you to meet your next lover. Why?

Why the Gym is the Worst Place to meet your Next Lover

The sweaty looks, the sweaty feels, and the BO

People in the gym are not there to relax. They hit the gym to sweat. So, if you are considering hitting the gym to meet your next lover because you know there will be great bods in fitting and revealing outfits there, think again. You will definitely see attractive people there but once the BO hits you, it can be a total turn off. As for you, once you start sweating at the gym, you will not want to be seen by your crush in such a messy state.

No place for talking and flirting

People in the gym have one goal in mind and that is sweat to get fit. After their gym session, there is only one thing they want to do and that is to freshen up in the locker room and take a shower. Plus, in the gym that is full of gym equipment and locker rooms, there is just no place for you to have long talks and flirting with your possible next lover.

Workout goals

Most of the people in the gym are focused on their workout goals and not there to work on relationship goals. So, no matter how sexy your gym outfit is, they may still not notice you unless you dance in front of their faces. If you head to the gym, you probably don’t want people to bother you or distract you from your workout.

The rise of the egos

You may not be discouraged by the sweaty looks and BO of most people there, but remember that some of them have super high egos that will make you want to roll your eyeballs instead of flirt. There are some people who spend a long time in front of the mirror admiring their bods and some of them are even taking selfies. Instead of getting attracted, you will be discouraged.

Deceiving looks

So, you have spotted an attractive guy or a girl at the gym that you want to be your next lover. But remember not all guys who work out at the gym are actually attracted to girls. Some are attracted to their male gym coach. And not all women who wear the sexiest gym outfits actually find men attractive but prefer their girlfriends beside them instead. The gym is the perfect place for deceptive looks, in other words.

Putting it simply, leave the gym for fitness and not for flirting. If you want to meet your next lover, try online dating instead. Visit online dating sites and create your online dating profile for more information on how to find a perfect partner.